Jennifer Champ

Jennifer’s Heart & Soul story is recorded as a poem about her grandfather Forrest Champ, and the time they spent fishing on Chautauqua Lake. Jennifer’s grandparents had their home in Greenhurst. She spent many summer days with her grandparents. They would take her grandpa’s fishing boat out and up around Bemus Point.

Jennifer Champ’s Heart & Soul Story


the Fishing Boat

was brown & white

with a small motor that putted along

like an old house cat

the summer flew by

on the water

in the cool air of early morning

we picked tomatoes

for sandwiches

& carried still warm cinnamon buns

the lake was quiet

those mornings

when he would start the boat

the humming of the engine

rising off the dock

a bottomless imagination

the surface secrets

burning off when the sun got hot

baiting a worm was a lesson in life & death

his hands held mine

each finger a bit knotted

the nails smooth as beach stone

when you read the world like a book

you pay attention to the clouds in a different way

sunfish are luminous

under the water

& I will never forget

his face beneath that sky

we were the only people in the world

two of many

watching the point from the water

& the seaweed ballerinas

brushing the hems of their dresses

against the bottom of our boat

1 Response to Jennifer Champ

  1. Katy Champ says:

    Wonderful Poem Jenn…you have such a talent and way with words

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