Herb & Beverly Crandall

To hear Beverly’s recording of her husband Herb’s story, please click below.

Herb Crandall passed away on August 4, 2012. His stories will be shared with many people, and he will be always be remembered. We sincerely thank his wife Beverly for sitting down at the Bemus Point Library and recording the story for our Heart & Soul project. This is what our project is all about!

Herb Crandall’s Heart & Soul Story (Part 1)

Herb Crandall’s Heart & Soul Story (Part 2)

Below is a recording of Herb speaking with David Colburn in May of 2012. Thank you David for sharing this part of the story.

David Colburn’s recording of Herb Crandall

3 year old Liam Crandall helps his Grandpa , Herb in the garden… Liam is the son of Martin & Mary Crandall

Pictured left to right, Ernest Bohall & Herb Crandall on the dock in Bemus Point.

Here is a group photo of the pupils of Waterman’s Corners School, Ellery District No.2, 1930-1931. Herb Crandall is listed as a second grade student. Can you find him?

This is the house that Herb came home to after WWII.

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